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T-Golf & Country Club PonienteT-Golf & Country Club Poniente

Izzy Rainbow

Hello my name is Izzy Rainbow and I am super excited to be the new Club Dog & General Animal Manager. It is my duty to look after all the animals here on the course and to make sure the birds and chickens behave themselves. A little bit about me: I am a three-year-old Parson Russell Terrier. Here at T Golf & Country Club Poniente part of my duties include offering an extra warm welcome to members and guests on behalf of all the other four-legged and the winged golf course inhabitants. My bosses strongly believe that having a variety of animals on the course adds to its beauty and atmosphere, and I fully agree. That is why any other well-behaved dog, or golfer for that matter, is always welcome on our club terrace. I look forward to meeting you all and remember, everyone loves a good scratch behind the ears….